DataFest18 was a festival of data innovation run by The Data Lab, with fringe events hosted across Scotland from 19th to 23rd March 2018.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise hosted a week-long DataFest18 Fringe with support of partners. The focus was on the data opportunity, both now and in the future, for our businesses and communities in the Region.

Week-long series of events hosted by Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Datafest18 Fringe Videos

Improving Lives With Data In The Public Sector

Data can improve our lives! Huge amounts of data are made freely available by government and other organisations across Scotland. Find out what is available, what the plans are for the future and hear examples of how it is being used to improve our health and how it is used to assess the implications of changes to Scotland’s population.

Audrey Henderson


Esther Roughsedge


 Liam Cavin


FIT for Healthy Living - How Artificial Intelligence can help

Future Intelligent Technology (or FIT) for healthy living goes way beyond FitBits and exercise regimes! FIT can help you to live independently and to manage illnesses and chronic conditions. FIT enables you to take control of your own health and wellness.

My Cancer Portal and Open Collection of Patient Experiences - David Sim


Virtual Reality Co-Design of FIT home - Matt Stevenson


SelfBACK by Nirmalie Wiratunga & Self-Management of Diabetes by Stewart Massie


FITsense Fall Prediction - Susan Craw 


FIT Home Concept - Lucy Fraser 

Breakfast Briefing: Industrial Applications of Machine-learning and Data Analytics

The aim of this talk was to provide a general overview as to what is meant by the terms Data Analytics and Machine Learning, and to provide a number of case studies showing how information can be extracted, processed, visualized and acted upon.



Informed Communities of the Future

An informal session which explored Open Data and how communities and businesses can make use of Open Data, and sources of Open Data within the Highlands & Islands. Real-life examples of successful projects which have utilised Open Data and what to do with Data once you have it.

Speakers included industry experts and representatives from the Open Data Institute (ODI), Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Forest Enterprise Scotland (FES) and UrbanTide.



Driving value from Data

Making better use of data can have a huge impact on your business. If your data activities form an integral part of your core business you could see significant benefits when making decisions or solving problems. This session looked at a range of very different examples where organisations have leveraged data in order to make transformational changes.


David Dunn and Naomi Morrow


Craig Paterson from the DataLab


Driving creative industries with data

A session dissecting the opportunities, sources and uses of data, and how it will drive businesses in the future.


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