Data and the Creative Industries

Tim Wright, Director and Co-Founder @twintangibles, is leading the #DataFest18 Creative Industries session on Friday March 23.

Tim has worked as a consultant, practitioner and senior manager with a number of global commercial organisations including Egon Zehnder International and McKinsey & Co. For five years he was part of the executive management team of ITI Scotland – a £500M innovation programme based around a highly collaborative open innovation model.

A graduate of both Durham University and Robert Gordon University, he has an MBA with Distinction from the ULSM, and is a past winner of the Ashridge/Guardian MBA Essay of the Year. Tim is Chair of the External Advisory Board of University of Leicester School of Management and a member of the Scottish Internet Domain Policy Advisory Body. He is co-author, with Daniela Castrataro, of “Crowdfunding - Come finanziarsi online.” and “Ideas to Reality” co-authored with John Reid. His forthcoming books “Crowdfunding To Win” and “Crowd Asset” will be published in 2018.

“Data is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable assets in the world today. It is also very curious as, unlike most assets, it seems that its value grows the more of it that there is!

IBM estimate that the world produces around 2.5 quintillion bytes of data a day and that is likely to grow ever more quickly. This is inevitable as the number of internet users grows, as the average smartphone already produces 40 pages of data a day, as the IOT makes once dumb everyday items spew more data out in a usable format, and as our attachment to the technology which registers and track our every move becomes ever more pervasive.

But as the field of informatics grows and business is looking to data to be a source of value what does this mean for the creative industries?

Some might think that the data sector is the exclusive preserve and domain of technologists leaving the creatives and artists of this world excluded from this new and epoch-defining opportunity.

I disagree.

More and more this data records and represents significant aspects of the human experience. It is about us and is a product of us and our lives, and to create value from its use requires the expertise and unique skills of those who have always brought the most unique and distinctive of human characteristics to their work – namely the creative sectors.

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Far from being a threat or danger to creative industries, this new era of data is an opportunity.

For content creators be it film, TV, music or printed word big data is increasingly determining how you engage with, understand and work with your audience. For games and software developers the same is true and in many cases, you are also often the sources of valuable data that others can and want to draw upon. Whilst designers and architects can increasingly bring their skills to bear to interpret and draw on data as a core resource to make better design and better decisions. And for advertising and marketing, this is the source of insight necessary to make your campaigns the best they have ever been and to win clients through your applied expertise transformed by the world of informatics.

Regardless of whether you are a data creator and owner, a data user or if you are using your creative skills to assist others enter and profit from the data-driven economy, we have an opportunity at DataFest18 to explore, share and discover how the creative sector can thrive in the era of the data economy.”

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