November in #hellodigital

As the days get darker, #hellodigital are hosting a range of events in Inverness to shed light on how you could be using the latest technology to help improve your business. From Google to IBM, the Cloud and the Design network, we are sure we have an event that will be of interest to you.

Are you considering starting your own business, or have you done so already in the last five years? If so, did you know that you may be entitled to access to the entire IBM software catalogue, free for a year? The Global Entrepreneurship Programme is a support initiative from IBM designed to help new start-up businesses get help during the starting period of their business.

Adam Turner who is an advocate of the programme will be at #hellodigital to share how other companies have made use of the software to enrich their business. He will also provide more detail of the scheme and go through the eligibility criteria and application process. 

If you are involved in a new start business then this is an event not to miss. Having access to the IBM suite can prove to be beneficial for you and ensure you have the best chance of succeeding.

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Later on in the month we welcome back the Google Digital Garage to Inverness. This year #hellodigital have brought the garage to XpoNorth, Highland Business Week and the Argyll Enterprise Week. This time they will be in our centre in Inverness for a workshop on digital analytics. The garage experts will guide you on how to get the most out of Google Analytics and tell you why you should get an account if you haven’t done so already. Google recently opened up their first permanent Scottish garage in Glasgow. However, they are committed to bringing the garage to as many locations as possible and their various visits to the Highlands show that they are committed to help grow digital skills in the region.

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Feeling left behind? Overwhelmed with all of the information out there about the Cloud? Fear not, because you are not alone. Cloud computing is still a relatively new and unknown technology to many people and with it rapidly developing there are many questions which people are looking to have answered. #hellodigital have already held different events on Cloud computing, available to watch back online, and our next one will offer hands-on experience from an expert presenter and the chance to check out the latest devices and services which you could bring into your company.


Nick Cohen, the founder and CEO of bizanywhere , will be leading this session. During the course of the afternoon he will get you feeling more comfortable with the choices out there, dispel any myths about the Cloud and answer the questions you may have.

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If you work in an art, culture or heritage organisation, then our event at the end of November is designed for you. Highlands and Islands Enterprise have recently partnered with The Glasgow School of Art to establish the Design Network. This new collaboration has been created to help support design and innovation across the Highlands and Islands. The Design Network have invited Liz Rosenthal, founder and director of Power to the Pixel, to lead the session and share how to design and build your story through multi-platform and multi-format approaches. Power to the Pixel specialises in finding new ways for media businesses and content producers to engage with audiences. This will be a lively session with the opportunity to find out how other projects are using multi-platforms to engage with their customers and reach a new audience.

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Remember: if you would like to attend any of our events but can’t make it, you can watch along online.