What’s possible with 360 video technology?

Maybe you’ve read about 360-degree videos, seen 360 video footage, or heard about Facebook’s bold statement that 360-degree video is the future of the Internet. Do you want to find out what’s possible with this up-and-coming technology and how it could help promote your business?

#hellodigital have partnered with CryWorks Inc to deliver sessions on how to use 360 video. CryWorks are a virtual reality focused entertainment production company based in Edinburgh and California, USA.

Click here to see a selection of 360 videos shot using CryWorks' 360 VR camera system.

360 videos offer viewers a much more immersive experience than traditional video footage, allowing them to interact with the content by dragging the mouse on the video or moving around a mobile device to see different angles and views.

Airborne Lens : Edinburgh Castle 360 VR Video

Going a step further, you can view 360 videos using Google Cardboard for an even more immersive experience. All you need is to get Google Cardboard, open the YouTube app on your phone, go to the 360 Video channel and once you’ve chosen a video to watch just touch the cardboard iconand insert your phone into the Cardboard – and that’s how easily you can teleport to a different world!

You can also view 360 videos with a Samsung Gear VR headset

Chivas Regal have uploaded a beautiful example of a 360-degree video on their YouTube channel. Simply left-click in the video and drag your mouse in different directions to pan around the video!

After some time, Twitter also launched 360 video viewing this year, following in the footsteps of YouTube and Facebook. Their first 360 video was recorded with Samsung’s Gear 360 during the NBA finals – you can view it here. Don’t all these immersive videos make sharing content on social media much more fun?!

You don’t have to have a huge budget to be able to produce 360 videos. More and more companies are using 360 video to showcase their products and services, so why not visit #hellodigital in Inverness on Monday 17 October and find out if it’s something for you?

There will also be a seminar in Oban on Wednesday 2 November during Argyll Enterprise Week and in Lerwick on Tuesday 6 December.

During these public “theory” seminars you will discover the best applications of 360 videos and learn how to shoot, produce and promote your own footage. You’ll be guided through the process step-by-step and get a bit of practise with common two lens systems.

If you want to take the theory and learn how to apply it practically, then sign up for the hands-on training sessions in InvernessOban or Lerwick! We are offering 30 businesses the opportunity to receive hands-on training and borrow 360 video equipment for two weeks. Click on the Inverness or Oban links to apply or find out more about the application process.


The Samsung Gear 360 will be used in the training sessions

After discovering the benefits of 360 video you might want to look into getting a camera yourself. Don’t worry; it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg! Some are retailing for under £300 now and we’ve put together a selection of affordable and high-performing cameras – with more set to be released in time for Christmas this year!

LG 360 Cam

This camera works with non-LG Android phones as well as iOS devices and is handy, easy to operate and is supported by both Facebook and YouTube for 360-degree video uploads.

Current retail price is £195.00.

Read a full review here.

Ricoh Theta S

This classy little camera is probably the least “fussy” of all the 360 video cameras out there. Hold it up, press the big button and move on – it’s that simple!

Current retail price is £298.99.

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Nikon KeyMission 360 Action Camera

The KeyMission 360 is set to be released this October. It shoots 360-degree videos via two sensors with fisheye lenses and has electronic stabilisation, making it more advanced over other 360 cameras on the market. The outcome is smoother footage from the get-go. The quality of this piece of equipment is reflected in its price.

Current retail price is £419.99.

Read a full description here.

Samsung Gear 360

It’s about the size of a snooker ball and has dual 180-degree cameras, but you’ll need a specific Samsung Galaxy smartphone to be able to make us of the Gear 360’s best features. 

Current retail price is £350.00.

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