What's Next on the Agenda?

After a really successful week of augmented and virtual reality at #hellodigital we’re excited to announce the next big event here in Inverness! We’re sure this one’ll take off just as quickly as the last.

Whether you own one privately, you’re thinking of getting one or you want to use one for work purposes, drones are frequently mentioned in the media, and their popularity is increasing. It’s a fast-growing industry. But what can be done with these unmanned aerial vehicles, what laws apply when buying and using a drone, and what benefit can they bring to your business?

 These and many more questions will be answered during the ‘Drone Week’, hosted by #hellodigital, our digital excellence centre, on Inverness Campus. We’re collaborating with ARPAS-UK to bring industry specialists and the latest drone technology to Inverness for a whole week from Monday 26 to Friday 30 September.

The experts will offer advice on legal and key safety aspects when it comes to getting and using a drone. There will be examples of how to capture video footage and strong imagery. Did you know that drones can be used to support agriculture and forestry? If you work in construction you could explore using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in short range inspection surveys

 Every day will cover a different topic – it’s going to be a week packed with information.  You’ll be able to gain valuable insight into the technicalities and learn how to work with the challenges of drone operation.

Image courtesy of Southhampton/AIRSTART

Monday’s session is aimed at the public and will offer insights into new business approaches and how drones actually affect the local economy – you might be surprised by some of the things you’ll get to learn on the day! There will be a live flying demonstration, weather permitting of course.

 On Tuesday, Promote Shetland will be leading the session and enlightening us as to how valuable drones are in the tourism and marketing sector. They’ll be explaining how they worked with drone operators in Shetland and are going to show us some of the work that came out of those collaborations.

drone week logo banner.jpg

 On Wednesday you can learn all about drones for surveying and asset management. Actively managing facilities and assets is essential. For sustainability, we’ll hear how drones can help with repair and maintenance at strategic points.

 The Thursday session will be looking at drones in agriculture, forestry and utilities and how the data that is generated can be analysed and used to benefit businesses in those sectors. There are huge benefits to using drones in this sector, and it’s something we are likely to see more of in future.

 And on Friday, the last day of our ‘Drone Week’, defence, aerospace and security experts QinetiQ will look at Beyond Visual Line Of Sight (BVLOS) operations and what they entail in terms of strategic implications both here in the UK and abroad.  You will be given insight into QinetiQ’s BVLOS trials and the AIRBUS lead collaborative R&D programme, AIRSTART.  It’s a must for anyone interested in how unmanned air systems could be used over distance without a line of sight.

The daily seminars, which are also going to be live streamed online, will be followed by Q&A and networking sessions.

To find out more about the upcoming ‘Drone Week’ and to book your ticket, please visit hellodigital.scot/events