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DataFest18 was a festival of data innovation run by The Data Lab, with fringe events hosted across Scotland from 19th to 23rd March 2018.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise hosted a week-long DataFest18 Fringe with support of partners. The focus was on the data opportunity, both now and in the future, for our businesses and communities in the Region. Videos of all the sessions are available to watch again here.

Cyber Crime Awareness Masterclass



Session details

In the first session, we hear from Detective Chief Inspector Mick Sutherland and Sergeant Steven Gillies, Safer Communities Department, Specialist Crime Division from Police Scotland. They discuss cybercrime, the current risks and how to keep your business safe.


The second session, from HIE, covers the Cyber Essentials certification process and the benefits of certification as well as how to get accredited.


2017 Year of History Heritage and Archaeology Digital Heritage Workshops 

To mark 2017 as the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, #hellodigital from HIE delivered a series of 5 workshops on Digital Heritage in Orkney, the Western Isles, Dunoon, Moray and Inverness. With support from Interface the series brought together leading academics working in the field of digital heritage and demonstrated a range of areas where digital technology has been used in the heritage sector.

The keynote sessions are now available to watch online. 




#hdextra17 keynote speaker presentations#hdextra keynote speaker sessions

 #hellodigital EXTRA was a digital marketing conference held in Inverness in February 2017. Over 250 people attended Eden Court for a day of keynote speakers and breakout sessions to learn about the latest global tech trends. 

The keynote sessions are now available to watch online. 



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Making Movies for Social Media

This afternoon seminar was developed to inspire Highlands and Islands businesses to capture and promote their products and services with video to share on social media platforms. Topics covered in the session included using video as part of a social media strategy, appropriate use of video on various platforms, insight into how and when videos are most effective and how to measure results.

The seminar was hosted by Rene Looper from Tuminds Social Media and Scott Remy from Sceneit Media.


Feeling left behind? Overwhelmed with all of the information out there about the Cloud? This workshop gives a hands-on experience from an expert presenter and checks out the latest devices and services which you could bring into your company.

The aim of this workshop is to leave you feeling more comfortable with choices out there and to clear up any confusion as well as answer any questions that you might have.

The Design Network: Multi-Platform Storytelling

Founder and CEO of Power to the PixelLiz Rosenthal , shares real-life examples of projects that have effectively reached their audiences through multi-platform approaches.

Anna Vermehren, Director of Timespan, discusses how they use multi-platform approaches to engage with their audience.



The Global Entrepreneurship Programme is IBM's support initiative for new start up businesses. IBM give access to its entire software catalogue through its Bluemix platform which all new start ups can utilise free for a year, at any point during their first 5 years.

Adam Turner is an advocate of the IBM Global Entrepreneurship Programme and the Watson Platform. Adam reviews some real-life case studies of how different organisations have used the programme and what they've gone on to achieve.

Who's LoRa and why should I care about her?

The Internet of Things and the LoRa IoT communications network – what they are, what they can do and why your business needs them

The Internet of Things allows you to put information about anything on to the internet, and to use the information this gives you. Anything. From wearables to bins, streetlights to bridges, production line parts to thermostats; anything can be connected.

Join staff from CENSIS, the Innovation Centre for Sensor and Imaging Systems, and Stream Technologies as they guide you through the possibilities and potential of IoT and learn about how it is already having an impact on how we live and work.

Data Science for Business - Using Data to Drive Decisions

#hellodigital in partnership with CEED in Inverness and Moray held a lunchtime talk on data science. 

Data Science is about turning data into action using the practical application of a wide range of techniques, computational methods and expertise to extract knowledge and value from data. It is a fast moving discipline and provides significant opportunities for economic, social and scientific wealth.

Guest speakers included Duncan Hart from The Data Lab, Andrew Maclennan from Porex Technologies and Data Analytics Consultant Áine Uí Ghiollagáin.

Using 360 Video to Promote your Business

Using 360 video to promote your business - Part 1

Niall Macdonald and Calum Macdonald from CryWorks discuss how you can use 360 video to promote your business. They look at the current cameras on the market and give advice on how to produce, shoot and promote a 360 video.

Using 360 video to promote your business - Part 2

IBM Watson

Sasha Maybury from IBM shows how IBM Watson can be used to better understand your social media analytics. 

Making Movies For Business

Nick Street from Media Trust looks at what role video plays in business, in the first part of his morning seminar. 

In the second part of his seminar, Nick provides tips and advice on making your video from planning to production.

Six Steps To Make Your Business A Digital Success Story!

FSB social media author and guru, David Taylor, visited #hellodigital in June to give an early morning presentation on how you can devise your own simple digital strategy to win and retain more customers. He gave the same talk at our National Conference in Glasgow in March and it went down a storm.



Get Social – The Power of Collaboration

Microsoft and IA3 discuss and demonstrate technologies which aid with collaboration including SharePoint.