Augmented Business Week

Food & beverage, Tourism & Destinations

Richard Ferraro from Catchoom and Jonathan Knox from Soluis use real case studies to illustrate how businesses across the hospitality and tourism sector are using augmented and virtual reality. 

 Architecture, Engineering & Construction (Part 1)

Dr Mohamed Abdel-Wahab and Scott McGibbon from Heriot-Watt University join Bruce Newlands from the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and founder of Soluis Martin McDonnell for a look at how VR is changing the AEC industry

  Health and Life Sciences

Digital Healthcare Innovator Dr Keith Grimes, Chris Bryson from Summit Wearable Solutions and Matt Stevenson Managing Director of Carbon Dynamic discuss how AR & VR is used in the healthcare sector 

Energy, Oil & Gas

Jim Brown, Director of Scotland's Colleges Energy Skills Partnership and Dr Crispin Hoult founder of Linknode talk about the use of virtual and augmented reality technology in the energy sector.

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (Part 2)




The Future of Virtual & Augmented Reality

Jonathan Knox from Soluis, Duncan Hart from The Data Lab and Tom Smith from Lateral North, conclude Augmented Business Week with a look to the future.